Weld Clad Quality Assurance

IODS have adopted the internationally recognised standard
ISO 9001 : 2008

IODS – Weld Clad Quality Assurance

We recognise that quality of service is the key to increasing growth in customer base and client satisfaction. To support this IODS have adopted the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001 which emphasises process management and a structured approach to continuous improvement. It is our policy to ensure our products and services are provided in accordance with the customers requirements and standards including timescales, ensuring that our level of service consistently meets or exceeds our customers expectations and requirements.

The overall intentions of the Company are :

To achieve an efficient method of company operation and to demonstrate the company’s commitment and strive for quality to our customers.

  • To ensure that all staff are suitably competent, well trained and well informed.
  • To create an active attitude to continuous quality improvement among all staff within the company
  • To reduce unproductive time, rectification, customer returns and complaints.
  • To come out of each complaint situation with a strengthened relationship with the customer.
  • To actively seek the views of our customers and use this as a basis for improvement.

Our QMS will help us reach to attain the above

Adherence to this policy involves everyone, regardless of the duties he or she performs. Through mutual respect, personal pride and teamwork, we will strive for excellence, continually improving our services, processes, and products.

We will work to be the best at what we do, in every phase of our business, at every level, and be an excellent company in the eyes of both our customers and employees.