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IODS Oil Tool

IODS Oil Tool specialises in performing weld overlay cladding of various high integrity components including subsea tools and production equipment.  The weld overlay cladding provided by IODS extends and prolongs the service life of equipment in some of the harshest operating conditions.  IODS also has a dedicated repair and overhaul division which repairs and replaces service equipment.  Being one of the longest established weld overlay cladding business in the world IODS have developed an extensive knowledge and skill base in providing weld overlay cladding with a current weld procedure library of over 500 procedures covering a multitude of different base metal and weld overlay alloy combinations.  IODS has extensive knowledge of providing weld overlay coating to a huge range of subsea and surface oil and gas components including: flanges, pipe fittings, connectors, bonnets, valves, flowspool equipment and Christmas tree blocks.

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IODS Pipe Clad

IODS Pipe Clad specialises in a process of weld overlay cladding of the internal surfaces of carbon steel pipe lines. IODS Pipe Clad has an extensive range and knowledge base of capability for providing weld overlay cladding and pipe fabrication services. IODS can currently perform weld overlay cladding on pipe internals from 3” diameter pipes up to 6 meters in length and from 4” diameter pipes up to 12 metres in length. IODS Pipe Clad has an extensive range of qualified weld procedures to perform weld overlay cladding onto all commonly used carbon steel pipe grades. IODS also has a fully functional pipe fabrication capability capably of supplying full flowspool fabrications.



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